Jean Gaudin, Boatbuilder/Principal

Jean gained experience through example working alongside some of the finest joiners and boatbuilders the Island has to offer. He has extensive experience in cold mould construction and laminating.


Rob Abernethy, Boatbuilder/Principal

Rob found his passion for boats while attending Sheridan College for furniture design. He then attended the Wooden Boat School in Port Townsend, WA, followed by years of servicing the wooden boat community on southern Vancouver Island. His entrepreneurial endeavors lead him to form a partnership with Jean. Rob is also a Judge at the Victoria Classic Boat Festival.

Our crew on Carlotta's launch day, from right to left: Maartje Meijer, Rob Abernethy, Will Seline, Dan Johnston, Jason Levine and Jean Gaudin. In individual photos: Will, Jean, Dan, Phil, Ali and Dan, Brad, Andrew.