The advantage of having a boat builder do a survey for you is that we will look at all the boats structure. From decks to the worm shoe.

Restoring as many boats as we have, you get to know where the potential problems that arise on wooden boats. Most wooden boats suffer from similar problems and we can help identify those issues.

What makes our survey different.

First of all we won't tell you how many fire extinguishers you have or if the light bulb in the head doesn't work. We are interested in showing you the big problems.

This is not an insurance renewal survey or something you can take to the bank to get a loan. You have to talk to your local survey companies for that. We can suggest a few

First of all this is a survey for your benefit only. So basically you have a professional working for your best interests. We can likely give you an idea of the repair costs of certain scenarios giving some options.

If you are planning on buying a boat. A survey from us is very valuable. We will give you our honest opinion on the condition of the boat. This may be helpful as the repair costs may out weigh the value of the boat.

Cost,    By the hour @ $85.00 per hour      The bigger the boat the longer it will take. For example a 30' boat may take 4-5 hours. If a written report is necessary then add $250.00

We believe that our survey is the most valuable purchase you can do in deciding to purchase wooden boat.