Deep Blue 40

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Deep Blue 40


Product description

  • Outboard system with remote steering and remote throttle that is 40-hp equivalent

  • A synthesis of performance and a perfectly integrated overall system with a ground-breaking safety concept that sets Deep Blue apart from all other electric drive systems on the market

  • All the components of the system are perfectly engineered to match each other and are completely watertight

  • We provide a 9-year warranty on the Deep Blue's battery capacity

  • Electric boat propulsion is not only powerful and safe, it is also a genuine commercial alternative for heavy users

  • Special group tariff from Pantaenius Yacht Insurance with improved insurance protection and lower premiums compared with the normal tariff for boats with other high-voltage drives

  • Transparent maintenance overhead. An electric drive system requires far less maintenance than comparable drive systems using fossil fuel

  • Shaft length: 51 cm (short shaft) / 63.5 cm (long shaft)


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